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ICT as a tool for facilitating graveyard research

I looked at the various ways in which ICT can support children’s learning of history this week. This paper describes one of several ventures in a graveyard research project I ran while teaching in the Albany area of South Africa’s … Continue reading

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M’s reflections on using ict

For many people living in developed countries, information and communications technologies have become transparent. We use mobile phones, digital still and video cameras, email, applications like Word, Excel, Publisher, Facebook, Flickr, Live Messenger, iPlayer and YouTube almost without thinking as … Continue reading

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Using interactive whiteboards

There has been a steady uptake of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in classrooms over the past few years, especially in primary schools. This has been followed by a growing body of research into their use and effectiveness as teaching and learning … Continue reading

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Mastering new literacies using ICT

The world of communication, literacy and education is changing. In the book centred culture of a century ago, to ‘read’ the classics was often considered to be the best education. Good handwriting and the ability to compose formal letters were … Continue reading

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